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"I am running for President. Like most, I am frustrated too. I set out on my journey to better understand “why” problems aren’t being solved. I soon spent my time listening and deeply trying to understand the issues around me. I want you to know I will fight for “YOU” and promise to win us that power back." Joshua

In our economy, we ask those who can’t afford healthcare to pay less and those who can pay more. It's historically created an imbalance as the company’s ultimate goal is to make process improvements to increase margins for profit. As a scientist, I challenge our future to find cures for issues such as cancer, AIDs, and solutions for fighting disease. A person's health should take priority over a profit margin so we must keep costs down and make premiums more affordable, reduce out-of-pocket expenses, and reduce drug costs for all. I will also work to end surprise billing and other practices associated with out-of-control medical debt that leads to unconscionable economic strain on American households and homelessness. I aim to reduce Healthcare costs to $3,000 annually versus the current system that cost families $10,000 or more yearly. 


The Libertarian viewpoint is to remove bureaucratic waste and barriers that are put in place that often adds to increasing costs of healthcare. As a Libertarian, I will aim to open up trade and our borders to enhance the Free-market economy thereby reducing costs. Another barrier for our future workforce to enter educational training programs is standardize testing; barriers like these lead to a reduced workforce and higher costs. Additionally, the FDA often stalls progress and has historically been a political agenda-based barrier that needs to end. Children with epilepsy and parents had suffered while the FDA dragged its feet over CBD-rich medical cannabis. The agency has, however, approved one cannabis-derived drug product, Cannabidiol, but only after a decade of advocacy. The federal government considers marijuana a Schedule I drug further inhibiting necessary progress relating to judicial rectification. 


Access to education and advancement in science and technology is at the forefront of what’s needed to make our next generation successful. While our community moves towards higher rates of retirement, that skill set needs to be filled. Technology and how it's used in the workplace are ever-changing. We need to streamline education in a way that provides a meaningful education outside the bounds of the current and failing 20th-century institution. Putting our kids in a one size fits all box is wrong, and that needs to change. Education in the US is at a critical point for many reasons. 


Currently, states are experiencing low birth rates, and as such schools struggle to fill seats causing funding issues. As a community filling future skilled jobs are paramount. While other important factors impacting the future of our next generation are experiencing increased issues of youth gun violence deaths and those that have died by suicide have largely been unaddressed.


Recent birth rate data reflects the group filling in the margin is Latin X. When looking at the achievement gap for Latin X kids has been systemic. This group largely scores in the 25% percentile on standardized testing. Getting our next generation ready starts now but our current pathway has been unchanged and failing. The fact of the matter is schools now have the lowest high school graduation rates and lowest college entry rates. Within the next few years, 60% of our community will be retired, and filling those service worker jobs like nursing becomes critical. As a whole, we must join together and unite toward a common goal and do so with a new vision and perceptive forward. 

Diversity and Justice

As a next-generation millennial, I have had unlimited access to the world around me. It's shaped my perspective, and as a critical thinker, making the right decision for us all is essential. We must first unite beyond the two-party system. Diversity without discrimination will strengthen our communities and our economy and welcome travelers and investment from abroad. As a candidate from a blended family, I understand the importance of culture and also the struggles of an unjust judicial system, and I promise to work on fixing our past while working to move us forward toward unity.


As a Libertarian, we hold that each individual has the right to exercise sole dominion over individual own life, and has the right to live life in whatever manner chosen, with the equal right of others to live their lives in whatever manner they choose. Historically professional policing is the history of attempts to violently control the marginalized and underprivileged, which has led to mass incarceration. Police are meant to provide investigation services but with national clearance rates at only 15%, oftentimes, a mere request can result in death for something as simple as a traffic stop.


We have to remember that police do not prevent violence only respond to it. By changing the laws we can enhance the police alternative and move in the direction of a free society. Moreover, I support the abolition of qualified immunity so that law enforcement and prosecutors would be held legally accountable for misconduct that leads to acts of injustice. The Libertarian platform favors the repeal of all laws creating “crimes” without victims, such as gambling, the use of drugs for medicinal or recreational purposes, and consensual transactions involving sexual services, including the repeal of pornography laws. 


By the year 2050, there will be 10 billion people on this Earth. The increase in migration is currently due to internal affairs issues of the Sovereign States of the Middle East and North Africa. Moreover, limited resources, and overpopulation in Asia, and India are forcing 12 million people annually to migrate. It's suspected by 2050 that one in every ten people in the world will be displaced because of economic, internal affairs issues, and or environmental factors. 


Climate impact related to global warming is advancing. The rising CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases have created a blanket that warms our planet and has additionally impacted ice caps on the Earth's poles that are meant to reflect the sun's light back to space. It's unclear scientifically the extent this change has on our planet, but the current impact is a warming climate that has ultimately caused a current decline in wildlife. 


Scientists have identified the energy sector as a major contributor, mainly consumer goods Americans primarily buy from China, as this manufacturing largely uses Coal-Fired power plants to produce energy. With the global population expected to double in 10 years, food consumption and land resources have become essential to manage now. Issues related to climate migration and diminishing land resources outside the US have additionally impacted our borders. As a participant in climate change forums, I have been active in educating the community. As a candidate with a scientific background, I have the experience and vision to solve this problem.

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